Landgoedfair Mariënwaerdt

Location Beesd
Start date17-08-2011
End date21-08-2011

Landgoedfair Mariënwaerdt on Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt country estate is a fair abounding with activities and demonstrations, drawing thousands of people every year.

Selected especially for you…

We have selected the following Cool Tips especially for you. These tips will complete your day out or weekend break in the South-east of the Netherlands and the German Niederrhein!

Day out

Chimpie Champ

Chimpie Champ 0.0262383334094049

Chimpie Champ is an indoor play jungle for monkeys aged 1 to 12. The under 4s are protected by a large soft...

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De Zwaluwhoeve

De Zwaluwhoeve 0.03755306093549

A lovely hot stone massage, a dip in a herbal bath, relaxing in the sauna… Wash away the drag of daily life...

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Art Inn Hotel

Art Inn Hotel 0.0686119767525563

Perfectly located in the Ruhrgebiet area in Niederrhein and also centrally located in Dinslaken at the railway...

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Hotel Golden Tulip Val Monte

Hotel Golden Tulip Val Monte 0.0301023692905171

Located in a park like setting only 5 minutes from Nijmegen, Golden Tulip Val Monte offers peace and quietness....

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Fresh Air Package

Fresh Air Package 3.59554666918602

Do you need to get away from it all and get a breath of fresh air? Why not discover this lovely part of Brabant...

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Discover 's-Hertogenbosch package

Discover 's-Hertogenbosch package 3.59554666918602

Once Europe's fortified town, 's-Hertogenbosch has a rich cultural past, which you will discover walking...

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Marienwaerdt t Klooster 5, Beesd, NL