Open Monument Day

Location Different Museums
Start date08-09-2012
End date09-09-2012

On Open Monumentendag thousands of monumental buildings are open to the public free of charge. Many organise numerous related activities.

Selected especially for you…

We have selected the following Cool Tips especially for you. These tips will complete your day out or weekend break in the South-east of the Netherlands and the German Niederrhein!

Day out

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum 0.0325567376720672

A multicoloured legacy of the unique 's-Hertogenbosch and global carnival. Various masks, clothes, promotion...

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Grote of Eusebiuskerk

Grote of Eusebiuskerk 0.000743744369640553

Late gothic basilica built between 1452 and 1650. The glass panorama lift will take you to a height of 73...

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Art Inn Hotel

Art Inn Hotel 0.0460383748046762

Perfectly located in the Ruhrgebiet area in Niederrhein and also centrally located in Dinslaken at the railway...

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Hotel Restaurant Eurohof

Hotel Restaurant Eurohof 0.0491002644713407

The Eurohof, also known as Landhof am See, is a romantic oasis set in the countryside on the outskirts of...

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Discover Nijmegen and Berg and Dal

Discover Nijmegen and Berg and Dal 3.605894533919

The Golden Tulip val Monte Hotel in Berg en Dal is located approx. 5 minutes' drive from Nijmegen,...

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Summer Fun - Just as the old Romans would have loved it

Summer Fun - Just as the old Romans would have loved it 3.605894533919

An itinerary for all ages. You will stay at the Nibelungen Hof Hotel, at the heart of the old roman town,...

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