Open Monument Day

Location Different Museums
Start date08-09-2012
End date09-09-2012

On Open Monumentendag thousands of monumental buildings are open to the public free of charge. Many organise numerous related activities.

Selected especially for you…

We have selected the following Cool Tips especially for you. These tips will complete your day out or weekend break in the South-east of the Netherlands and the German Niederrhein!

Day out

Kasteeltuinen in Arcen

Kasteeltuinen in Arcen 3.605894533919

Boasting the most stunning gardens in the Netherlands, Kasteeltuinen Arcen is a place where you can imagine...

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Langen Foundation

Langen Foundation 0.0660299574676129

Viktor and Marianne Langen fulfilled a long-held dream when they opened the Art and Exhibition building of...

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Hotel van Bebber

Hotel van Bebber 0.0325455074378994

An incredibly likeable and historic hotel in the Roman city, Siegfried´s seat, nestled against the cathedral....

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Van der Valk Hotel Cuijk

Van der Valk Hotel Cuijk 3.605894533919

Van Der Valk Hotel Cuijck is situated in Cuijck, an old and charming town along the banks of the river Maas....

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Balloon rides on the Lower Rhine!

Balloon rides on the Lower Rhine! 3.605894533919

Gliding through the air in a balloon is probably one of the most amazing adventures between heaven and earth....

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Duisburg City deluxe

Duisburg City deluxe 3.605894533919

Shopping that's different. Duisburg, a city with much to offer. In addition to the industrial tradition,...

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