Around 1900 Kootwijk was surrounded by drifting sand. If the locals had had their way the entire area would have become woodland. The Dutch Forestry Commission took a slightly different view. In time, part of the vast drifting sand became a designated national nature reserve. This was just as well as it is the largest "living" drifting sand, the largest desert, in Western Europe, and set in one of the smallest countries at that. What you see is unique - a chain of sandy dunes created by the wind. You are allowed to roam freely. Climb the tall watchtower and choose a direction to cross the sands.


Selected especially for you…

We have selected the following Cool Tips especially for you. These tips will complete your day out or weekend break in the South-east of the Netherlands and the German Niederrhein!


Hotel Zur Alten Schmiede

Hotel Zur Alten Schmiede 0.0587997369554406

The "Alte Schmiede", which was opened in 2011 and is home to a traditional countryside café and guest accommodation,...

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Hotel Jägerhof

Hotel Jägerhof 0.0427378916991468

The lovely hotel Jägerhof is perfectly situated in the city centre of Weeze and only five minutes away from...

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Mookerheide Hole in One Golf Package

Mookerheide Hole in One Golf Package 3.61863486126254

Would you like to get away for a few days? Jachtslot de Mookerheide offers a complete package to relax and...

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Summer Fun - Just as the old Romans would have loved it

Summer Fun - Just as the old Romans would have loved it 3.61863486126254

An itinerary for all ages. You will stay at the Nibelungen Hof Hotel, at the heart of the old roman town,...

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Bevrijdingsfestival ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Bevrijdingsfestival ‘s-Hertogenbosch 0.039921522536682

Large-scale celebrations of Freedom are taking place in 's-Hertogenbosch on 5 May. This year's theme is "Freedom...

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Beecker Kirmes

Beecker Kirmes 0.0671526667133816

Around 190 businesses, including 17 rides and booths come together at the end of August each year in Beecker...

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Noordheideweg, Kootwijk, NL